Electric Car


Electric CarHealth and the Environment are issues that here at Number One we take very seriously.  We feel very strongly that we have a duty to ensure that our behaviour has as little detrimental effect on the environment as possible and we hope that you, our guests, appreciate and support our policy. 

We do our utmost to promote a healthier, cleaner and more environmentally friendly ethos by using sustainable, eco-friendly materials wherever possible and we recycle, reuse and refill to the enth degree. 

We won the Blackpool Environmental Award of the Year 2006 and continue to hold a Blue Sky Plaque, Green Tourism Award and various other certificates in recognition of our environmental achievement.

We also do our utmost to support local suppliers, use as many locally grown and sourced breakfast items as possible and we believe the fair-trade system is the only sustainable way forward for many of the poorer countries. 

We provide full details in our guestrooms but if you require any further information before your stay then please just get in touch. 

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